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Introducing The TMA-2 Modular Testers - Q&A with Ta-Ku
May 14 2015

Ta-Ku, the gifted Australian producer and multitalented creative has made a TMA-2 Modular artist configuration that showcases his personal headphone preferences in sound, design and comfort. He's also been involved in the testing phase of our new, modular headphone system, which essentially means that he’s provided a valuable producer’s perspective on our new, Modular headphone system and helped us tweak and improve the final product. We talked to Ta-Ku about his configuration, his favourite individual components and what he likes about the Modular sound.

For fans of emotional electronic music, the fact that great things are afoot in Australia has been the writing on the beat-driven wall for quite some time. Producers like Chet Faker and Flume have etched themselves indelibly into the global, collective music consciousness, convincing critics and fans alike that the Aussie talent pool runs thoroughly deep.

Ta-Ku, a producer who epitomizes the kind of soulful, uplifting sound that Australia is getting increasingly known for is, in our opinion, one of the most remarkable talents to emerge from the fertile, Australian, electronic undergrowth, and it goes without saying that we're extremely jazzed to have him onboard TMA-2 Modular.

We had a little chat with Ta-Ku in the efforts to give you some insight into his take on the TMA-2 Modular headphone system.

AIAIAI: How did you go about choosing your personal configuration?

The modular that I put together is pretty much a summation and reflection of all my personal taste in general aesthetic, comfort fashion/accessories and most importantly - practicality in the studio.

What are your favorite individual components?

The headband is by far the most comfortable i've ever worn, with leather padding surrounding the whole piece. The super comfortable and heat reducing leather ear pads are great – and the woven coiled cable as a nice last touch of attention to detail. Very cozy.

What’s your take on the TMA-2 Modular sound?

The speaker unit provides the sound I am most comfortable and known for – it’s all about the WARMTH that provides a rich and full soundscape.

Ta-Ku uses the S03-H03-E04-C04 configuration of the Modular system. Recreate it by using each of the links above or view all system components here.


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